ENTIRE Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Regd. By MHRD, NCT Govt. of India

Tel No. 05162-259396,Mob: 8052517744, 8840270381


At ENTIRE Institute Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization Progressive steps are Implemented by the society to strengthen the bright future of our nation –Founded in 1998, ENTIRE imparts quality computer education and ensures distribution of the benefits of the IT boom across INDIA. Recognizing the prospects of e-commerce, Entire is in the for front to us her in the e-commerce reduction in INDIA.

We have multiple Registrations & Certifications.

  • Regd. Under the Companies act 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) and that the Company is Private Limited.
  • Additional trade mark representation from register of Now Delhi-75.
  • The quality management system standard-NS-ENISO 9001:2008 with reference to the Parliamentary Proposition No. 106(1989/90).
  • Society Reg. No. J 19462 under act No. 21, 1860.
  • Industries Reg. code 09035210104 from (DIC) Computer Repairing and data processing Job work service.
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